Titans fan gets tattoo with realistic expectations

A die-hard Tennessee Titans fan got an ambitious tattoo, but one that could actually happen.

This is the titans after 2017 season titan up and no negative comments

You’ve got to respect this. Too often we see fans make bold proclamations of “Super Bowl Champ.” That is a Hail Mary in the hopes something good might happen with very little tangible evidence that it might. The Titans finished 9-7 last year, second in the AFC South — this is realistic.

The internet seems to be making too much fun of this tattoo. I appreciate its realism. You do you, Mitcht. Hopefully your tattoo comes true to fulfill your dreams.

Several key young players are nearing the end of their contracts. Derek Carr, fresh off a breakout season that established him as an MVP candidate, has one year left on his rookie deal with the Raiders. Four-time All-Pro Antonio Brown is nearing the end of the five-year, $42 million deal he signed in Pittsburgh in 2013. Matthew Stafford is ready to sign another lucrative contract once he plays out his deal next fall.

Allowing any of those players to hit the free-agent market would be a coup for the rest of the league — and would be extremely unlikely. While other teams scramble to remake their rosters in 2017, teams like the Raiders, Steelers, and Lions will be working to lock down important pieces for 2018 and beyond.

There are some less obvious extension candidates floating around as well. Super Bowl LI quarterbacks Matt Ryan (whose contract expires after 2018) and Tom Brady (2019) could both add extra money to their deals this spring. Sam Bradford could wind up locked in to the Vikings’ roster, depending on how the team views Teddy Bridgewater’s recovery. Devonta Freeman and David Johnson headline the crop of tailbacks who could earn lucrative new contracts before even sniffing free agency.17

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