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Terrelle Pryor isn’t disappointed to have landed in Washington on a one-year deal. That’s exactly what Pryor told his agents he wanted.

“It’s kind of like a ‘prove it’ deal almost to a certain extent,” the converted quarterback told Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show. “I think a lot of people are thinking that this is a one-trick pony, like a one-time thing. You know, just out of nowhere I could catch 79 balls or whatever and go over 1,000 yards.”

Despite Cleveland’s 1-15 finish, Pryor insisted he wanted to remain with the Browns. But Pryor did not accept the Browns’ four-year deal that averaged about $8 million per year, according to’s Mary Kay Cabot. Now Pryor is off to join Pro Bowler Kirk Cousins in Washington.

Cousins and Pryor have a bit of a history. Both played quarterback for Big Ten programs. Pryor was at Ohio State, and Cousins played for Michigan State, but although their college careers overlapped, they never took the field in the same game.

In ESPN’s top 100 for the 2008 class, Pryor was ranked No. 39. He was three spots behind Draymond Green, and exactly 14 spots ahead of Klay Thompson.

Pryor also touched on how many offers he had. “I had about 110 offers in basketball,” Pryor said. “One I didn’t get, I didn’t have Duke on there though.”

Pryor didn’t say that he would actually have gone to Duke, but did give an explanation as to why it would have been an ideal fit. Part of his reasoning was newly hired Duke football head coach David Cutcliffe, who was the quarterbacks coach for Peyton Manning at Tennessee.

“It might have been a Cheap Jerseys Hot chance actually, because Cutcliffe was there for football and me and him have a great relationship.”

Pryor’s NFL career might not have taken the Cheap Jonathan Toews Jerseys path he imagined, but it’s turned in the right direction. Based on his athleticism, basketball seems like it would have been a fine decision too.

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