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When the Cleveland Browns traded away running back Trent Richardson, many believed it would be the beginning of a fire sale that would eventually include a deal to send away wide receiver Josh Gordon. With the trade deadline just a week away (Oct. 29 at 4 p.m. ET), Gordon remains on the roster, but it’s not for a lack of offers, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports at least three teams have standing offers for Cheap Sports Jerseys the second-year receiver, including two offers that include a high draft pick and a player.

Josh Gordon has been mentioned in trade rumors since Cleveland traded Trent Richardson and those rumors continued on Monday. According to Adam Schefter, three teams have contacted Cleveland about trading for Gordon. Two of those teams have offers on the table for what Schefter called “a high pick and a player.”

Despite the offers, Cleveland doesn’t appear interested in moving the young wide receiver. There are rumors involving Gordon and the Jets and while Mike Krupka of Dawgs By Nature is still taking the rumors with a grain of salt, that could change.

There is one thing for certain, however, and that is that teams are interested in Josh Gordon and if the price is right, this could very well develop into a headline in the days and weeks to come.

The Vikings, however, signed Freeman with the idea of seeing if he could be the long-term starter, so giving him at least another chance makes sense. Minnesota’s offense struggled to get anything going with Freeman under center, although Christopher Gates of Daily Norseman wrote the issues weren’t Cheap Soccer Jerseys Xxl entirely Freeman’s fault:

I know that we’ve all said it before, but it’s time for Bill Musgrave to go. It’s been time for Bill Musgrave to go for a long time now, but tonight’s “game plan”. . .if we can refer to it as that. . .should erase any doubt.

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