Tony Parker still has it (every once in a while)

It’s easy to forget that Tony Parker has been a clutch monster in the NBA because Tony Parker’s peak was roughly 10 years ago. He’s actually been a disappointment and cause for NFL 21 Cheap Jerseys concern most of this season, despite the Spurs’ success. He’s the rare San Antonio legend who actually plays his age, unlike the immortal Tim Duncan or eternal Manu Ginobili.

In all, the team has had 27 different starting quarterbacks since 1999. The Patriots, by comparison, have had five.

Kessler’s presence could stem that trend in 2017. The young passer had his share of struggles last fall, but rated out as the team’s top quarterback despite his 0-8 record. However, injuries were a concern; he missed time after suffering multiple concussions in 2016.

The Browns are saying all the right things after a solid draft, but saying and doing are two different things — especially in Cleveland. The franchise’s inability to develop a cornerstone quarterback has mired it in a 23-year slump without a postseason victory. While slow and steady seems like the proper course for a raw prospect like Kizer, history suggests the Browns will turn to him somewhere around Week 10 to appease a restless fan base.

Unless he can reverse a decades-long trend, the results won’t be pretty.

This piece beautifully demonstrates the myth of “hockey men” and the lionization of it by NHL journalists because it essentially argues that when you become one (after serving your long apprenticeship in the game under other hockey men”) you are on a level above those who merely use empirical data and precedent to watch the game. You just know. You are presented with a second sight that others cannot hope to acquire.

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