Way-too-early NFL mock drafts again prove to be way too early

Once again, the best kinds of mock drafts are the way-too-early mock drafts.

They never fail to entertain and illuminate. Of course, they also never fail to tempt draft analysts to take the bait and try to predict, within days of one NFL Draft ending, what will happen in the first round of the next year’s draft. Think you’ve got a crystal ball two months, one month or one week in advance? Try 51 1/2 weeks.

They all try. And by “they,” we mean “we.” Sporting News did its version two days after the 2016 draft ended. Within roughly that time frame, so did ESPN (subscription required), Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports, Bleacher Report and SB Nation. Just as with last year’s picks, we checked the results after the 2017 draft ended last Saturday.

Forget about all the positions Peppers played in college, and the attention that garnered . The reason Peppers was a Heisman Trophy finalist last season is he was one of the best football players in college. That’s easy to see on film. He might even get a shot for a few snaps on offense.

“I’m open to do whatever they ask me to do,” Peppers said. “I did Cheap Authentic NBA Jerseys some things that nobody else did. They are going to get 200 percent out of me. I’m just so excited for the opportunity.”

The Browns gave new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams the best pass-rusher in the NFL Draft in Myles Garrett, and complemented that with the best all-around player in college football last season. That’s a hell of a 1-2 punch.

That’s the natural comparison that has been going on since last season betweeen the two fan-bases.

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