His smile is followed by a simple-but-clear “no doubt.”

“Having worked with many NFL quarterbacks, I would say Maty reminds me of Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian in the film room,” Martin says. “Joe Flacco in competitiveness and Mark Sanchez in athleticism and the ability to move in the pocket.”

Asked if Mauk can make it in the league, Martin nods his head. His smile is followed by a simple-but-clear “no doubt.”

Mauk is focused on football. That future, whatever it might be, causes him to start talking quickly, in excited tones. Just 30 minutes before, he was struggling to find words.

It’s February, and Mauk has taken to the cold weather quite well. A massive storm is heading New Jersey’s way, with the area bracing for over a foot of snow. Mauk is with Martin and Fiedler at the hotel near the facility where the trio are doing their draft preparations.

Wetzel cited the nearly 300 pages of incident reports of Hernandez’s time in prison and said Hernandez was part of more than 100 incidents during his four years in prison. Allegedly, many other inmates wanted to see if they had what it took to fight the former Patriots tight end.

“These were vicious fights. One, they had guards trying to pull him and and another inmate apart, and they had to mace them, basically, to get them to stop fighting,” Wetzel said.

“There’s another weird or interesting scene where Cheap Jerseys Ireland he gets in a fight and he goes back to his cell, and a guard comes in and sees him, and he’s kind of sitting on the bed, his hands are all red from punching somebody, he’s got some marks on him, and he’s kind of breathing heavy and is Cheap Jerseys MLB With Free Shipping just sort of despondent that he had to get in this fight. I just think that … if you read it all, the picture I got was not somebody who was doing well with this at all. He was surviving, but it was pretty miserable.”

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