The Hall of Fame waiting class is as accomplished as the one whose wait is over.

Like Butler, White didn’t quite know how to process making the jump to Star of the Game status. That was the only job he didn’t do.

“I was just really excited,” White said. “That’s what you dream about as a kid. It was an amazing comeback by our team and I’m just proud to be a part of it.”

If the Patriots are able to win yet another championship soon, it’s highly likely that another unlikely player will Do A Super Job.

Marcus Mariota has made things work as best he can with Rishard Matthews and Delanie Walker as his top targets. But two years in, the red-zone passing ace has been missing that go-to guy who can go up and catch everything.

Jeffery also can provide Tennessee the field-stretching element it needs. With the Titans being around $60 million under the cap and coming off successful veteran spending in 2016, this sounds very good in Music City.

While the takes today are at peak temperature around Owens, there were no such debates about the character of Warner and Davis, about Stabler before that, about Kramer since the 1970s, about all the legendary long waits: Lynn Swann, John Mackey, Harry Carson, Art Monk, Cris Carter, just to name a few.

Or about those still waiting, like finalists Joe Jacoby and Brian Dawkins.

The Hall of Fame waiting class is as accomplished as the one whose Order Cheap Jerseys wait is over.

And it will stay that way as long as Owens gets left out, and the Premier League Cheap Jerseys reasons for it get less and less plausible.

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