The Falcons should carefully choose their spots if they decide to blitz Brady

Beasley said the Falcons defense doesn’t “have to worry” about Brady getting out of the pocket, but being disciplined will be important because Brady can shift the pocket and scramble when needed.

Brady scrambled for 15 yards in a Week 8 win over Buffalo. Bills linebacker Jerry Hughes provided some pressure on the outside, but Cannon led him away from Brady, who stepped up in the pocket and saw open field in front of him.

The Falcons should carefully choose their spots if they decide to blitz Brady, who still threw for 406 yards and three touchdowns against the Ravens in a 30-23 victory.

He had good protection on each of his touchdown tosses, including a 79-yarder to Chris Hogan. Though Elvis Dumervil got a good push on right tackle Marcus Cannon, Brady’s quickly got rid of the ball and hit a wide-open Hogan in stride.

No Super Bowl participant has ever suffered as epic a collapse as the team whose mantra is “Rise Up.” The Falcons came crumbling down, squandering a 25-point advantage in Sunday’s 34-28 overtime loss.

“We felt very comfortable,” Falcons outside linebacker Vic Beasley admitted. “We were up 25 points. I thought we were going to put them away.”

Instead, the game slipped away and the Falcons have to start Plain Cheap Jerseys thinking about how to move past the most devastating defeat in the franchise’s 50-year history.

“There’s nothing you can really say,” Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan said.

This was worse than being spanked in Super Bowl 33 one day after a team leader got busted in a prostitution sting.

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