Larry Bird really hated watching LeBron James’ breakaway dunk

Larry Bird was not happy as he watched the Pacers give up a breakaway dunk to LeBron James in Indiana’s 117-111 Game 2 playoff loss to Cleveland on Monday.

Defensive rebounding has been a problem for the Celtics in the opening two games of the series. To put their struggles on that end of the floor into perspective, the Bulls pulled down nearly as many offensive rebounds (20) in Game 1 as the Celtics pulled down defensive rebounds (24). It helped them score 23 second chance points, which made up 21.7 percent of their scoring on the night. It was a similar case in Game 2 with the Celtics recording 12 offensive rebounds — 10 coming in the first half — to score 14 Cheap Full Dye Softball Jerseys second chance points.

None of this should come as a huge surprise to anyone who followed the Celtics this season seeing as they ranked 27th in the league in defensive rebounding rate and 24th in offensive rebounding rate. However, even for a team that has a tendency to give up a high volume of offensive rebounds, there’s no excuse for them to fall asleep after a missed shot by not putting bodies on offensive players to prevent them from sneaking in for uncontested putbacks.

Just keep an eye on Isaiah Thomas in the following video. He Cheap Game Jerseys switches onto Jimmy Butler and lets him saunter into the paint for a putback once Dwyane Wade gets to the basket. With Kelly Olynyk being the only big in the key, there’s nobody in position to box Butler out in time.

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