The universe of places into which teams are willing to reach for a quarterback has expanded into infinity.

Canton is the big winner here, and that’s why Baker repeatedly used the phrase “game changer.” The stadium has VIP lounges, luxury suites, sky-level and event terraces. Andersen, the NFL’s all-time leader in points scored, pointed out the feature he noticed first.

“When I look out at my yellow friends there, 18 feet, 6 inches in width, I notice one thing and I know they got it right,” Andersen said. “The net is perfect. You cannot kick a ball over that net. Tom, attention, to detail, you’ve always had that.”

From there, Benson’s wife, Gayle, addressed the audience. Benson also spoke briefly after being serenaded for his 90th birthday last month.

“This is a great day for Tom and his family,” Benson said looking at his likeness in the statue.

It wouldn’t even matter the reason, though you can’t find a more convenient one than, “He played for that coach and fits his system.” Reasons were rendered irrelevant long ago, at least sometime around Chinese Cheap Jerseys the China Cheap Jerseys Wholesale time Blaine Gabbert — the guy whose job Kaepernick took — found a home.

But this one took the cake.

The argument that a scarcity of competent quarterbacks would make a team grit its teeth and take on the so-called “baggage” and “distraction” of Kaepernick is now forever rendered moot. Cutler, technically, wasn’t around. He had walked away. He had another job. Yet, by definition, he was ahead of Kaepernick on NFL team’s lists.

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