Yu Darvish would like to thank the writer who pointed out he was tipping pitches

In what might be the last start for Yu Darvish in a Rangers uniform, the right-hander gave up 10 runs against the Miami Marlins. I’m not sure if that affected his trade value, but it couldn’t have helped. It was the worst start of his career, and it wasn’t especially close.

Although he tried to duck away from the drive, the ball was simply coming too fast and all he was able to do was turn his head so it didn’t hit him in the face.

Based on the video below, in which you can watch the entire sequence of events, it looks as if he successfully shielded the most vulnerable parts of his head and it hit him squarely in the back of the skull.

The ball careened off of Ray’s head and all the way into foul territory, to give you a sense of how powerfully it was hit.

Ray was eventually removed from the field on a cart sitting up, gesturing to the crowd on his way out of the stadium. Him simply being alert is a good sign, even though it is hard to deduce anything concrete medically from a few minutes of interactions without official assessment.

The Diamondbacks released a statement letting everybody Cheap Personalized Jerseys know Cheap Orioles Jerseys that Ray remained alert and was being sent to the hospital for tests. Hopefully Ray’s injury isn’t too serious and he will be back on the mound soon.

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