Aaron Judge lost a tooth while celebrating the Yankees’ walk-off win

The Yankees won a thriller on Thursday night over the Rays, with a walk-off home run in the 11th inning courtesy of Brett Gardner. As is the norm, all of his teammates gathered at home plate to celebrate the win and jump around like little leaguers in their excitement.

Yep, that’s Aaron Judge losing a tooth thanks to a random helmet being waved around. Be careful, everyone. Haven’t you heard that he’s the future of baseball and the sport will shrivel and die if he isn’t the greatest Yankee/player/man to ever live?

He’s got to have all of his teeth to manage all of that, though, so everybody chill.

In all seriousness, Judge headed straight to the locker room holding his mouth after the incident but seemed to be OK otherwise.

The only question that remains is what’s the Statcast distance and launch angle on that enamel?

This was the turn of the millennium, which is when statheads were firmly ensconced in their “We have absolutely everything figured out, just ask us” phase, and one of the unquestioned tenets of this time was that it was super easy to find first basemen. They’re everywhere! Just grab one!

It makes sense, in retrospect. In 1998, teams were enjoying Cheap Quality NBA Jerseys five-win seasons or better from Mark McGwire, John Olerud, Carlos Delgado, Rafael Palmeiro, Mo Vaughn, Andres Galarraga, and Jeff Bagwell. There were strong seasons, too, from Will Clark, Tony Clark, Jason Giambi, Todd Helton, Fred McGriff, and Jim Thome.

Giambi hit .295/.384/.489 with 27 home runs in a pitcher’s park, and he was Cheap Red Sox Jerseys the 17th-most valuable first baseman in 1998 according to WAR. Offense was up compared to today, but that’s still ridiculous.

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