MLB umpire told 5-year-old fan to kick Dee Gordon

A 5-year-old fan used his opportunity to meet Dee Gordon to kick him in the knee before Sunday’s Marlins-Reds game. Seriously.

The child’s mom spoke with, and let everyone know the umpire was in on this. “He’s not the type of kid who would go up and kick someone,” she said. “Dee Gordon was motioning Leo to come to him. The umpire went with Leo, and Leo said the umpire told him to kick [Gordon].”

I hate experiments for teams like the Astros. Pitching Clayton Kershaw on three day’s rest every danged postseason was an experiment the Dodgers kept trying, over and over again. The correct answer was to take the existing team and make it exponentially better. Making the Astros five percent better doesn’t sound like a worthwhile goal when they’re going to coast into the postseason, but baseball fans know that a five-percent difference can be the difference between a .250 hitter and a .300 hitter.

For the Astros, adding Yu Darvish could have been the difference between them being a .350 hitter and a .400 hitter, metaphorically speaking. The .350 hitter is great, fearsome, one of the best. But … the .400 hitter is Ted Williams in his best season. Wouldn’t you rather take your chances with the latter in a situation where the season’s success is going to be defined by how far the team makes it in the postseason? This is year three of the Great Astros Renaissance, and while division titles aren’t exactly getting old, they would certainly like one of the bigger trophies at this point.

We’ll see if holding on to their best prospects will pay off like it did for the Dodgers when they were in a similar spot. Three years ago, I was yelling about them keeping Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger instead of getting Chris Sale, and I’m sure the Dodgers have zero regrets there. But Cheap San Francisco Giants Jerseys at some point, the Dodgers snapped. I think the Astros will get there. There are no guarantees they’ll get Cheap Retro NBA Jerseys a Bellinger or Seager before they do.

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