Little Yankees fan gives a Red Sox fan a sweet hug after getting a free baseball

This might be one of the most memorable pieces of Beltre’s entire career, and it doesn’t even have anything to do with his on-field achievements. He truly, sincerely, does not like people touching his head.

If you do so, you will set him off with a minitantrum of frustration which is truly, sincerely hilarious to everyone involved but him. Baseball is filled with perfectly juvenile behavior, whether it be in the clubhouse, on road trips, or on the field. But people touching Beltre’s head might be the best example of this and something that never gets old:

The Red Sox and Yankees have had a rivalry that goes way back to the early 20th century. You can always expect their fans to talk trash about the other city’s team, especially when they meet in the postseason. But on Saturday, something really sweet happened between a Red Sox fan and a young Yankees fan.

Hanley Ramirez hit a foul ball that Garrett Cooper tried to catch, but a tarp was in the way, letting the ball bounce over to an eager fan who was stoked to get it. The fan would later give that ball away to a young child in a Derek Jeter jersey; the child walked away for a bit but then walked back to Cheap Wholesale Jerseys give that fan a hug. It was one of the most precious moments anyone had ever witnessed — a small gesture that Cheap Vintage Jerseys NBA meant a lot to the kid.

Sports rivalries can be fun, but you know what, forget all that — making a kid’s day like this is way more meaningful.

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