Bellinger’s assessment of Ball’s personality notwithstanding

Bellinger met Ball at Dodger Stadium last month when Ball threw out the first pitch shortly after the NBA draft. Despite the constant noise surrounding his fellow rookie, Bellinger called Ball Wholesale Jerseys a “cool, laid-back guy” and said he enjoyed meeting someone on a similar career trajectory in the same city.

Bellinger’s assessment of Ball’s personality notwithstanding, nothing about Ball’s arrival (or rather, his continued presence) in Los Angeles has been laid-back. For weeks, SportsCenter has opened each morning with a look at what Ball did the night before in games that are, no exaggeration, the preseason for the NBA preseason.

On the way to Ball winning Summer League MVP, his every shoe choice, tweet, and minor bruise was a national headline, with the media attention making it seem like the meaningless July games were meant to have been played a month earlier.

About all the Dodgers and Lakers have in common these days are the city they share and the goal of bringing ticker-tape parades back to Los Angeles. While the Lakers, who won just 26 games last year, are the Sports Cheap Jerseys subject of an ongoing media frenzy stemming from the additions of team president Magic Johnson (who, coincidentally, is also involved in running the Dodgers) and their anointed rookie savior Ball, the Dodgers have quietly emerged as the best team in baseball, posting a 66-29 record thus far while opening up a 11-game lead on the second-place Rockies.

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