The Lakers will get a meeting with someone

Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram look like the Lakers’ best players, but the rest of the roster hasn’t been much to write home about. Veterans like George aren’t usually willing to rely on younger talent developing. Even if the Lakers clear the decks to make room for two or three maximum-salaried players, it’s difficult to put the right talent around those stars to make the roster work.

But George is in Oklahoma with Westbrook right now. They have talent on the roster and should be a solid one-two punch in a tough conference.

The Lakers will get a meeting with someone, and selling Los Angeles can’t be too hard. If George commits to playing in LA, the Lakers could build a contender again.

But he’s with the Thunder now. If winning is the top priority as George has said, they are in the best position to do it now.

Ball’s is creating easy looks for his teammates thanks to his passing skill. After just a few games, the team is already talking about having to stay on a swivel because Ball’s passes are coming whenever he’s ready to send them.

“I know it’s always coming. I know I’ve got to look up before I get hit in the head with the ball,” since-waived forward David Nwaba said, via SB Nation’s Silver Screen and Roll. “He’s a great Premier League Cheap Jerseys passer, and I know I’ve got to be ready at all times.”

Ivica Zubac had the same feeling.

“You always have to watch for the ball,” Zubac said. “You always have to be careful Really Cheap Jerseys because if he sees a little bit of open space, he’s going to pass the ball.”

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