Giants Player in NJ Wreck Amid Raging Storms: I’m Glad My Daughter Has a Dad

“I thought the guy was dead,” Weatherford said, adding that he ripped open the back passenger door to try to awaken the unconscious driver. “I’m trying to gently hit this guy’s shoulder and trying to wake him up, because a third car could easily come and hit us.”

Weatherford called 911, and New Jersey state troopers helped him and drove him 45 miles home to Hoboken.

“Now I’m home shaking like a leaf, trying to pack my bag to go to practice,” Weatherford said on Instagram. “I’m so thankful to even be walking right now.”

New Jersey State Police wrote on Facebook: “Two words about Steve: Class act. Also, congratulations! Best of luck with your family’s new addition!”

The punter was driving back to New Jersey from Washington because his San Diego-Newark flight was diverted due to thunderstorms. Weatherford said he arrived in Washington too late to take a train or bus back home.

“Not only has God given my family and I a beautiful, healthy 10-pound baby girl,” Weatherford said. “He sent his guardian angels to keep my car from flipping and (me from) possibly dying.”

When baseball enters the offseason, players are finally able to spend quality time with their families and pursue other passions.

For Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout, its helping The Weather Channel report on the deadly blizzard that has crippled much of Eastern Seaboard.

The honor has been a long time coming for Favre, who spent the vast majority of his Hall of Fame-caliber career wearing the green and gold, and it’s especially appropriate that he is receiving the distinction during a game against a Bears team that he routinely tortured in his NFL career.

In 36 career starts against the Bears, Favre racked up a 23-13 record and some incredible passing numbers. He threw for 8606 yards in those 36 games, tossing 60 touchdowns and rushing for three more against Chicago during his career. Those 60 touchdowns are the most he threw against any team, and even though he did throw 42 interceptions against the Bears (also the most he’s thrown against any team), he still represented the Bears’ ultimate nemesis during his time in Green Bay.

The list of Favre’s best games against the Bears is a long one, but there are a few that certainly stand out.

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