The NFL has it perfect right now.

A 32-team league lends itself to mathematical perfection when it comes to scheduling a 16-game season. Everything about the NFL schedule makes sense, from the rotating divisions teams play against every third year to the six divisional games every team plays to the two games teams play every year against two conference teams who finished in the same place in the standings.

It is why whenever the NFL talks about either of the two things that would wreck this perfection — expansion or an 18-game schedule — it makes even less sense than you think. Are 16 games too many? You certainly could argue that, but the fact is: Football is a dangerous sport. Guys would (and did) get hurt in a 14-game schedule, and a 12-game schedule. And would get hurt in an eight-game schedule, too.

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Or is that merely what they want you to think? (Cue conspiratorial music.)

While we will have to wait until Christmas to see what Sony Pictures and Will Smith have done to besmirch professional football, one thing remains abundantly clear: The National Football League is in a public-relations mess.

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