NFL not considering rule change on fumbles through the end zone

The rule that says a fumble into the end zone and out of bounds goes to the defense on the 20-yard line seems illogical. But it’s not going anywhere.

Among the many rules changes the league will consider at next week’s owners’ meeting, there’s nothing about the fumble Cheap Elite Jerseys touchback rule, which many fans have advocated changing so that the ball goes back to the offense at the spot where the ball was fumbled.

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Bryant’s employment has been the subject of constant speculation this offseason, with the Cowboys apparently uncomfortable with his $12 million price tag and some of his antics in the past. But during a podcast with Cowboys radio host Brad Sham (via the Fort Worth Star Telegram), Romo defended Bryant.

“As far as personality between the two, they’re also a little bit different,” Romo said. “I think Dez is misunderstood in a lot ways. I know there a times where he can get talking and be volatile on the sideline and stuff, but a lot of it is positive. I’ve had every receiver who wants the ball. I think what you’ll find is there’s so many personalities on the football field.

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