Kam Chancellor’s Retirement Marks the End of Two Eras

Yet Sherman can’t help but wonder what might have been in Seattle. The Seahawks won a single Super Bowl, after the 2013 season, and spent the next four years falling short in Where To Find Cheap Jerseys the playoffs against teams that couldn’t claim Seattle’s wealth of defensive talent. Now the band is broken up, with Michael Bennett, Kam Chancellor and Sherman out of the fold, and Earl Thomas in a contract dispute that could lead to a trade out of Seattle.

It’s just unfortunate. It’s really unfortunate, Sherman says. I think it’ll all come out when they do the 30 for 30. Mistakes and poor judgment on things ruined what could have been a really special deal. You don’t have much left right now. And to say you’re not going to pay Earl Thomas is just … There’s no decline in play there. He’s played the game the right way. Who do you have to pay? You have the two best linebackers in the game. You have the quarterback. You have a great wide receiver in Doug [Baldwin]. And you’re paying Duane Brown.

So knowing his desire to incorporate military ideals, Dimitroff and trainer Marty Lauzon suggested to Quinn bringing in Acumen Performance Group, run by ex-Navy Seals who apply their training methods to train in both the corporate and athletic arena. Quinn knew the Miami Heat worked with those guys, and with coach Erik Spoelstra signing off on the experience, the Falcons started with APG in 2016.

The lessons were pretty similar to ones that Quinn took from his military friend wounded in battle: Being accountable to one another was vital, as was adhering to what you’ve been taught in the harshest of circumstances. Accordingly, Atlanta broke through that year, reaching the Super Bowl. But the training experience might have been even more valuable after that last Rugby Cheap Jerseys game didn’t go to plan.

By then, the APG folks had put Falcons players through a process of writing their own standard operating procedures and code of conduct. Sure enough, sticking to that foundation got the team through the hangover—and a rocky start to 2017.

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