Free agent Dwight Freeney willing to sign anywhere, with one condition

Freeney’s willing to wait, but not forever. Freeney, who was the 11th overall pick in the 2002 NFL Draft, didn’t sign with the Cardinals until after Week 5 last season, and that’s an experience he doesn’t want to go through again.

“I know my body loved (signing late), but the anxiety mentally wasn’t good,” Freeney said. “So hopefully I can get signed before then.”

Freeney may not be drawing interest from anyone right now, but there’s a good chance that several teams will eventually give him a look, especially after the way he played in 2015. In just 11 games with the Cardinals, Freeney racked up eight sacks, which led the team for the entire season.

Thanks to those eight sacks, Freeney now has 119.5 in his career, which ranks 19th all-time.

Sunday afternoon in Texas, the Rangers and Blue Jays were involved in the most severe bench-clearing brawl we’ve seen in several years. It all apparently dates back to Jose Bautista’s bat flip in last year’s ALDS.

The short version: Matt Bush hit Bautista with a pitch, Bautista retaliated by sliding in hard at second base, which Rougned Odor did not appreciate. Odor shoved and punched Bautista. Jesse Chavez then plunked Prince Fielder with a pitch the next half-inning.

Williams lost his mother to breast cancer in May of 2014 and, while still with the Panthers, dyed his hair pink to honor her memory at the start of the 2014 season.

When October rolled around and the NFL turned everything in sight pink as part of its breast cancer awareness month, Williams asked the league if he could wear pink all season to honor his mother. The league said no.

DeAngelo Williams is providing free mammograms to women in Charlotte.

But Williams kept on finding innovative ways to honor his mother within the archaic constraints of the league’s rules and he does an even better job off the field.

“And Jared has that. It’s the vision thing.”

Well, hopefully Goff can A) see and B) is a little bit further along than Warner was when he showed up from a grocery store to join the Rams.

Warner’s story is one of the best NFL longshots in the history of the league, a guy who basically gave up on the dream of playing in the NFL, then was given one more shot and parlaying it into a Super Bowl MVP and one of the greatest offensive seasons in NFL history.

But back to the point for a second.

Does Kroenke really have a claim on unearthing Warner, and for that matter, a great eye for quarterback talent?

Maybe Vermeil can confirm the former, as Rams fans sure hope for the latter.

The important thing is making sure Goff can actually meet the lofty expectations. If he’s half as good as Warner was during his run in St. Louis, the Rams will be plenty happy with their top selection.

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