DeAndre Hopkins: Texans are ‘the team to beat in the AFC South’

“To me, it doesn’t matter as long as they have somebody that can get it to me at least 20 yards down the field,” Hopkins said.

He has a point. Last year, Hopkins caught 111 passes for 1,521 yards, and 11 touchdowns. The Texans invested heavily in receivers this offseason, drafting burner Will Fuller and an intriguing prospect in Braxton Miller. With Hopkins leading, the Texans receiving corps will at least give them a shot to repeat as AFC South champs.

The Jaguars, while much improved, are still a team coming off a five-win season. The Titans won just three games. Really, the Colts figure to be the Texans’ biggest challenger, which means it should be another typical season in the AFC South.

A team other than the Texans or Colts hasn’t won the division since 2008.

Through six NFL seasons, we can confidently say that Rob Gronkowski is really damn good.

He’s one of the most uncoverable players in the league, regardless of position, and he’s undoubtedly the NFL’s best tight end. His effect on the game is so strong that even the great Tom Brady has looked like a completely different player depending on whether or not Gronk has suited up over the last six years.

The Gronk Effect has been enough to turn Brady from the passer rating equivalent of Brian Griese into that of Aaron Rodgers:

New England also has a 64-16 record (0.800) with Gronk in the lineup compared to “just” an 11-5 mark (0.686) with him out. That’s made the Pats an average of 1.8 wins per-16 games better when Gronk is on the field.

“We can be that good. If you look at that Broncos defense, they’re one of the best defenses in NFL history last year,” Mack said, per Yahoo!’s Shutdown Corner blog. “They did a lot to make the quarterback uncomfortable. We can do those types of things and still put our own little twist on it.”

Here’s the video that puts Wilson’s comment in context, which — again — is sure to bring up bad memories for Seahawks fans, so maybe avoid clicking that link if you’re from Seattle. Just a quick reminder, though: The Seahawks’ second straight Super Bowl was gift-wrapped (they were on the 1-yard line) when Wilson threw a last-second interception to Malcolm Butler. Wilson later said that God spoke to him after the interception and told him, “I’m using you … I want to see how you respond. But most importantly, I want them to see how you respond.”

As for Wilson’s NC State days, he says his career ended when his former coach told him he wouldn’t play in the NFL.

“Last but not least, I would like to thank the 49ers Faithful for your unwavering support. From day one you have always been in my corner and I can’t thank you enough for the love you’ve shown for the kid from down under. Signing off, your mate, number 38.”

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