Ex-Patriots receiver is in jail for an inept series of crimes

When Tampa police caught wind of the gambling ring, it didn’t take long before they had undercover informants betting with Caldwell.

After he signed for it, the SWAT team showed up again.
Besides San Diego and Washington, Caldwell also spent a season in New England, where he caught 61 passes for 760 yards and four touchdowns from Tom Brady, although he’s mostly remembered in New England for the passes he didn’t catch. Caldwell had two big drops in the Patriots’ 38-34 AFC title game loss to the Colts.

Despite being out of the league for over six years now, Caldwell still has NFL ties. He’s the older brother of Andre Caldwell, who just won a Super Bowl ring with the Broncos.

There was plenty of skepticism surrounding the Buccaneers’ decision to not only draft kicker Roberto Aguayo in the second round, but to trade up to do it.

Never mind that the Buccaneers had just two games decided by three points or less last season, general manager Jason Licht told PFTLive that Aguayo was “the best kicker I’ve ever seen coming out of college.”

Licht also cited the extra point permanently moving to a 33-yard field goal as a factor in his decision.

“He’s super consistent,” he continued. “He’s never missed inside the 40 in his career, which is rare. And he’s the best and most accurate kicker in college history.”

“I think one of the tough things about last year for Dez, he plays with such energy, that with the contract dispute, if you will, he wasn’t around, which is business, and consequently he probably wasn’t in his best shape going into the season and then you start to add the injuries when players aren’t in shape and they continued on through training camp and then on into the season and we ended up not having him much last year, so if he can get his rehab done and get himself in top condition, then I think we’ll see the same Dez that we saw two years ago.”

As Jones mentioned, the reason Bryant wasn’t around the team last offseason and “wasn’t in his best shape” was entirely due to a contract dispute with his employer. At one point in June, Bryant’s agent even indicated that his client would be willing to sit out regular-season games if he didn’t receive the contract offer he thought he deserved. Finally, on July 15, the two sides agreed to a contract and Bryant rejoined the team.

That shouldn’t be an issue this summer. Though Bryant is still recovering from surgery on his foot and hasn’t been fully cleared, he’s yet to experience any setbacks. As long as Bryant’s recovery continues along unimpeded, he shouldn’t enter the season in subpar shape.

The list is … not great.

Not one other quarterback on the list ever threw even 30 touchdown passes. I removed the sophomore restriction and just looked at all quarterbacks to reach these marks since 2010. You get a lot of backups and then names like Joe Flacco,Jay Cutler, Eli Manning and Stafford.

That is a list of qualified NFL quarterbacks and good company for Bortles to aspire to. But he’s not there yet.

Belichick said he’d put Rob Gronkowski at crease-attack and insert Julian Edelmanat midfield. So he wasn’t being hard on all of his players. He saved that just for Brady.

Boehringer had been spelling his name with an ‘E’ because umlauts are not generally used in the United States. The German-born receiver also spells his last name with an “E” on Twitter.

Thanks to the NFL though, Boehringer will be allowed to use the Germanic spelling of his last name that includes the umlaut, and he seems pretty excited about that.

Caldwell had been under the impression that cops didn’t take gambling that seriously.

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