When Jim McElwain took over, however, he sung a different tune about the roster.

“You’ve got to play the hand you’re dealt,” McElwain said on the team’s lack of depth. “And right now, quite honestly, the hand we’re dealt is really insufficient at some of the areas.”

One of those positions of frustration for the Gators is still QB, a spot Muschamp never got right. But at least Muschamp appears to have that in place in Columbia.

Muschamp has the offensive coordinator, Kurt Roper, he claims he wanted at the start while he was at Florida. It also seems like Muschamp has his quarterback, too, in Jake Bentley.

So if you’ve got the QB, now it’s time to build the roster around him.

No, it’s true. Last year was the first time an injury to a key rotation cog really fouled up their plans to make the postseason. They had injuries that hurt their chances of winning the World Series in previous years, sure, but this was the first time their replacement wasn’t good enough to get them into the postseason in the first place.

Which brings us to Alex Reyes, who gave the Cardinals five blistering starts last year and an ocean of promise. Let’s watch him make a bunch of hitters look silly when they’re expecting a hard fastball:

Instead of watching that all year, the Cardinals will have to make do. And they’ll do it the only way they know how: by cobbling together five starters who probably should have been in a major league rotation in the first place. Carlos Martinez, Adam Wainwright, Mike Leake, Lance Lynn, and Michael Wacha are five pitchers with a history of success, even if there wasn’t much of it in 2016, and history has taught me to take the over on expectations for Cardinals pitching.

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