NFL Combine results 2015: Weight, height measurements for wide receivers

The top quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers all converged on Indianapolis on Wednesday, and on Thursday the three positions all lined up for measurements. The height, weight arm length and hand size measurements are all in for this year’s receivers, which is considered a strong class, but not as loaded as the 2014 group.

That class may have been the best ever from a pre-draft hype standpoint, and it certainly delivered during the NFL season with receivers like Odell Beckham Jr. and Mike Evans making names for themselves in the league. This year, Kevin White and Amari Cooper are the headliners and are talented enough that they would have been among the top receivers last year as well.

Like running backs, top-tier receivers don’t necessarily have to be taller to succeed because there are many different things asked of them depending on where they typically line up. Slot receivers can change any game, and that’s what many of the shorter players will end up being. There’s a pretty wide gap when it comes to height disparity this year — massive Darren Waller comes in at 6’6, while the shortest players are Jamison Crowder and Mario Alford, who both measured at 5’8.

The bench press is simple. Players will test their strength by lifting 225 pounds as many times as they can. Endurance is the key metric here, and a good number will show coaches how dedicated a player was in the weight room in college.

For future No. 1 receivers who make their living on the outside, vertical leap is a major indicator of potential success. Players such as Baltimore Ravens star Torrey Smith were able to cement their early-round status by boasting 40-inch plus abilities.

Outside of raw athleticism, balance is tested as players must stand and jump as far as possible. The test of lower-body strength lets scouts know how explosive a potential draftee is.

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